When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

SKIN UP Class: Fall SELF-CARE & Acne 101

Fall - and going back to school is always my favorite time of the year. The hint of a nip in the air, every Halloween decoration in stores just waiting to be swallowed by Christmas...It's all more than a little overwhelming! But as a Mom I am so excited to get those little ones back on a normal schedule. In the rush of getting everything done and juggling new homework and schedules - my skin sure needs some help along the way. I'm still enjoying the last of the summer sun-kissed glow - and assessing the damage done by too much fun at the beach, so now it's time to get back on schedule and rescue that skin!

The unpleasant fact is that there are many reasons that blemishes, or as I call it "Skin Swings" from dry to oily, causing acne suddenly erupt. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with some tips and info. To start - there are some questions you should ask yourself for homework. Chances are if you are guilty of a few of these, you may be increasing your chances for that dreaded back to school breakout - for kids and adults alike!

  • Are you using WAY more lotion or skincare creams to combat skin dryness? Oversaturating dryness can actually be awful on your skin, especially when it comes to acne. Putting something on your face that is too heavy for oil prone areas (think T-Zone) can actually create further opportunity for bacteria to get IN the lotion that you essentially stuck ony on your face. If you have the right ingredients (ahem, SKIN UP!) you don't need to lather your face and waste product. You need an even, homogenous layer of the right ingredients - and your skin will be back-to-school glowing in no time! 
  • Are you washing your linens frequently? Let’s face it (pardon the pun), but if you haven’t changed your bed linens, especially your pillow cases at a minimum weekly, you are at risk. Hair oils, excess skincare, saliva, makeup, dirt, etc. - they are all landing on your poor pillow and, then, back on your face! In addition - over saturating dehydrated summer skin does not mean your skin is going to actually process any more than it can. It's not only a waste of money (but your pillow will certainly be moisturized!) - it can have the opposite effect on your skin. The dead skin cells add into excess cream and pile up to block pores that create pimples with a quickness. When you use SKIN UP at night you can actually just mist it alone for 10 to 15 seconds to get a light layer to avoid over saturation.. And - if you're like me - I want those antioxidants to work for me with my night creams while I'm asleep, so use SKIN UP under any other skincare routine as the first layer on the skin. The key is to keep your skin gently hydrated and balanced  with supportive ingredients your skin recognizes to wake up, skin refreshed, and ready to take on the new school year. Your face, pillow AND wallet will thank you for it! 
  • Do you touch your face...excessively? Germs and bacteria live everywhere. Some places get more abuse than others. Think of all the things your hands come in contact with. Cell phones, grocery carts, door handles, you name it. If you are going to put your fingers to your face, well, make sure they are clean, ladies (and gents! You too!). SKIN UP is hands-free skincare - perfectly suited for people with acne prone skin - and in keeping those hands off your face. This lessens the opportunity for germs to cause issues with your skin and hopefully prevent any of the acne causing bacteria to transfer to your face. .
  • What's going on with your hair? While no one seems to recommend washing your hair daily, if your hair is oily and your bangs sit on your forehead you may be experiencing more breakouts than usual. If you are prone to “bang-line” blemishes, we recommend pulling them back off your face a few times a week or using a dry shampoo that absorbs excess oil between washes. And, believe it or not - you want to keep a steady stream of hydration and antioxidants (as found in every SKIN UP lotion!) there to help speed skin surface cell turnover to lesson the chance of clogged pores - which is such a big part of the acne cycle. 
  • Do you wash your make-up brushes regularly? This is a biggie! And I am so guilty of not washing mine enough. Write this on the chalkboard with me 20 times: I will wash my brushes weekly. NO EXCUSES!
  • Don’t shower after a workout or being out in the sun? Chances are you have sweat and dirt sitting on your skin, possibly clogging your pores and breeding bacteria.Use your SKIN UP as a toner immediately after you workout if you can't get directly to the shower (you'll certainly feel fresher!). Then as soon as you can - get your face washed & use SKIN UP under all of your skincare or makeup. Truth (and my skincare pros are going to slap me) - I'm horribly skincare lazy from time to time. But even if I drop into bed, exhausted - I keep my SKIN UP on my nightstand. At least I did a little something to take care of my skin - so I'll take that win! 
  • How's your sleep? I remember pulling all-nighters too...but believe it or not, ‘beauty rest’ isn’t just a saying. Make sure you are getting 6-7 hours a night to keep your oil levels healthy and your skin smooth & clear. Rest assured - your skin will thank you for it! 
  • If you aren’t already worrying about grades...don’t get an F in face washing. It's a must if you want healthy looking skin -  this one is universal, no matter your skin type. Just be sure to watch your labels on skincare - and be sure to ask for help if you need someone to guide you for the skincare right for your skin. And in case you were wondering - SKIN UP is for every face - every stage - every gender - every skin type. 
I could go on for days on battling acne, but some of it is out of our control too. Things like your monthly hormonal cycle, medications, your diet and, yes, genetics, can affect your skin throughout the year. The important lesson is to do what you can to get ahead of the curve and be aware of what your skin needs. Also - be sure to take a measurement of what is working and not working in your skincare routine. It's the opportunity for this school year to be your most glowing, radiant one yet! As always - please send any questions you may have about how SKIN UP can help you get glowing to angie@skinupusa.com. Class dismissed!