When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

AM? Or...PM? We say anytime is best time for skincare!

It’s long been the skincare party line: prevention by day, repair by night. To do this, we've been applying skincare like the generations before us, hopefully with some antioxidants or...really anything that will add moisture in the morning - even to the detriment of our skin. Then of course makeup and sunscreen. If you're really paying attention you're also using a serum with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants and then peptides and retinol or some magic potion picked from a newly discovered remote part of the Amazon (sadly, I could go on - until we finally have the skincare graveyard with all the products!).  Lately, however, research is following a shift in the way dermatologists are talking about antioxidants, those precious molecules that snuff out free radicals before they can chew up collagen or cripple DNA. And while many still advocate applying them upon waking (as do we at SKIN UP) to fend off environmental insults that sunscreens can’t shield us from—pollution, cigarette smoke—it turns out there are ample reasons to nurish skin throughout the day and into the night - and you can have it all in a portable way in one product: your way.

To understand the AM/PM routine we reach back to a couple of well known skincare facts. In the morning and throughout the day sunlight deactivates a good many antioxidants, including lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C. It's their job to naturally fend off free radicals before they damage your skin. In the process, these antioxidants are destoryed and never get fully absorbed into the skin where it's really needed. This is where SKIN UP and our Phil Pharma Lotions come in to effectively apply repeated, short bursts of misted antioxidants while attracting and holding in moisture with hyaluronic acid to mimic your body's natural process. Yes, even over your makeup. As your skin is naturally fending off these free radicals, they don't replicate themselves, so you're fighting a losing battle if you are not providing that burst of antioxidants throughout the day. Add to that product wasted or flashed off as you apply it to your skin in the morning or at night (ie hands, clothing or pillow) and you've just wasted a bunch of money. Regardless, antioxidants are needed, day or night, according to Ellen Marmur, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. “Every step of our nightly rejuvenation process gives off some by-products, like toxic free radicals,” she says. “Antioxidants can help the skin to repair by capturing that excess energy overnight.”

So much research is emerging which shows that antioxidants may even supercharge our usual wrinkle-fighters when worn together. According to David McDaniel, M.D., a dermatologist in Virginia Beach, Virginia, specializing in antioxidants and anti-aging medicine, “We can combine fairly potent retinoids with these antioxidants for enhanced anti-aging benefits, and also avoid most of the irritation typical of vitamin A creams.” He credits the antioxidants’ natural anti-inflammatory effects with minimizing redness and peeling—an especially big boon for those with rosacea and sensitive skin—and assisting the retinoids in “defending against and repairing environmental damage.”

Now you have SKIN UP: an amazing antioxidant boosting moisture magnet that covers the span of your day in the palm of your hand. All of our Phil Pharma Active Lotions are infused with the benefits of proven anti-aging and free radical fighting ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Lipoic Acid, CoQ10 and Aloe, so you're not only covered in the morning  or night, but all day - when skin is most vulnerable to free radical damage that lead to the inevitable signs of aging. Wear it with or without makeup, and always UNDER your favorite skin care in the AM and PM and over makeup all day - and quench your skin with a boost of our misted lotions to discover what convenient, effective skincare really is. 


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