When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

Boost Hydration for your BEST SKIN EVER

Dull skin that won't go away, no matter how much highlighter or glowing blush you put on is a sign of only one thing: dehydration! Skin lacking moisture has the opposite lit-from-within glow of radiantly healthy skin. But there are some super simple ways you can wake up with that healthy hydrated skin- and keep it all day long. Here are some easy tips:

  1. Use water-boosting skincare. Slathering a super think, ultra rich cream is not always the best for dehydrated skin. It can often act to unbalance your skin, and make you oily when all you were looking for was a balance of hydration. Misted skincare like SKIN UP with Phil Pharma lotions is a simple, sure way to evenly distribute a light misted layer blanketing your skin while attracting and holding moisture - balancing oils and not oversaturating the skin. Your goal is to lack and lock in the moisture your skin desperately needs for that luminous, healthy glow.
  2. Eat water rich foods. Wintertime doesn't scream out fresh fruits and vegetables but it's a great way to introduce a good source of water in your food. Things like melon, cucumbers, berries and even lettuce can help support your body's need for hydration. 
  3. Double up on treatements. Be sure you are paying attention to not only what you put on your face, but how it responds to those treatments. Using SKIN UP all day you will not only boost your hydration - but SKIN UP combined with other treatments such as moisturizing masks and repair creams used at night boosts hydration and gets you toward your goal of healthy, hydrated skin - no matter your elements. 
  4. Go for a deeper clean - not always with exfolation. Exfoliating already inflamed and dry skin can cause further irritiation, even though it seems like you want to get that dry skin off RIGHT NOW. Instead, go soft. Be diligent in using your Clairsonic - or if you don't have a cleanser brush, get a roughly textured washcloth and use it gently with your face wash. Using a moisturizing face wash can begin to balance a dehydrated appearance, and followed with SKIN UP as a moisturizing toner allows skin to immediately receive the benefits of moisture and antioxidants directly to the top layer of skin for maximum benefits. 
  5. Use facial misters - but use EFFECTIVE facial misters. Just putting water on your face - even rose water or aloe water is not going to properly hydrate you, and in many cases will dehydrate your appearance. SKIN UP's lotions have the moisture magnet Hyaluronic Acid - it holds up to 1000x it's weight in water. That combined with the gentle exfoliation of skin balancing antioxidants. you'll achieve your healthy glow, without heavy creams which may wreak havoc on your makeup. 
  6. Drink water like it's your job. We always hear that . but this time of year it's extremely important. 8 glasses of 8 oz is great - but if you can, do better! 
  7. Use a hydrating eye cream. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your face. Be gentle with it - hydrate and don't pull the skin, even when applying makeup. I know it can be difficult to get that great cat-eye without pulling - just be sure to pay attention to those details and keep your eye area equally hydrated to minimize damage. 
  8. Repeated applications. Be sure that you are replacing nutrients your body produces like Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10 & Lipoic Acid. These are all found in our lotions - but they are also all found naturally in your body, and are it's first line of defense in protecting from dehydration and free-radical damage which prematurely ages skin. With SKIN UP's misted skincare, you are applying in short bursts, simulating your body's natural renewal process. This will keep your skin more evenly hydrated and balanced to get that amazing glow. We suggest 5x per day, 10 seconds per spray - you may need more depending on your skin's hydration needs. 

As always - keep the conversation going with angie@skinupusa.com. Here's to wonderfully hydrated winter skin to you from SKIN UP USA!