The Art of Being Timeless

Seriously? The end of "Anti-Aging"? 

Here at SKIN UP USA, we spend a lot of time hearing reviews from our clients about our product and how it changes their skin, giving them a renewed confidence which I always love. Some favorites are "I got carded for wine! I'm 42!" or "My trainer asked if I had some work done! Nope. Just SKIN UP!" Yet discussion inevitably leads to this: Do you want to look "young" or look "amazing for your age"? It all relates in how we look at and think about ourselves and those around us. Really, we all just want to look and feel amazing, no matter the age. As a beauty brand, specializing in fighting the war on aging, this poses a very interesting question.  We have been sold a bill of goods American consumers: "The goal is to turn back the clock."  The FDA has supported this by making Anti-Aging a product "claim" that is really difficult to assess or attain. No one can bring yesterday back and yet we buy into it, knowing that's not possible. That said, we certainly can take measures to ensure we look the very best we can for our age - and be timeless. Think Sophia Lauren, she not only works to take care of herself: she owns her age. She is truly timeless. And you can be too. It starts with embracing some new, innovative skincare habits like SKIN UP, true, but it truly begins with your state of mind. Own those laugh lines and appreciating your years. You earned them!

I found an article too fantastic not to share with you from Allure Magazine's September issue. It's a call-to-action for the skin care & beauty industry which brought it all into perspective for me regarding "Anti-Aging" terminology, and I had to share it with you. So this blog is not so much about all of the ways you can use SKIN UP and the new, radiant skin benefits that make our delivery system and lotions ground-breaking (you'll learn all you need from our site!). This addresses the mindset that keeps us young and the habits we can begin right now, starting with self talk...and for you to truly shine when love yourself in your own skin: no matter what age. 

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Allure, September 2017


This issue is the long-awaited, utterly necessary celebration of growing into your own skin - wrinkles and all. No one is suggesting giving up retinol. (Blog Note: Or SKIN UP with Hyaluronic Acid!). But changing the way we think about aging starts with changing the way we talk about aging. With that in mind, and starting with this issue, we are making a resolution to stop using the term "anti-aging." Whether we know it or not, we're subtly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle - think anti-anxiety meds, antivirus software or antifungal spray. 

If there is one inevitability in life, it's that we are getting older. Every minute. Every second. We produced a video recently that featured a 64-year-old grey-haired Jo Johnson, who made the poignant observation that aging should be appreciated because "some of us don't get the opportunity to age." Repeat after me: Growing older is a wonderful thing because it means we get a chance, every day, to live a full, happy life. Language matters. When talking about a woman over, say 40, people tend to add qualifiers; "She looks great...for her age" or "She's beautiful...for an older woman." Catch yourself next time and consider what would happen if you just said, "She looks great." Yes, Americans put youth on a pedestal. But lets agree that appreciating the dewy rosiness of youth doesn't mean we become suddenly hideous as the years go by. 

I'm not going to lie and say that everything about aging is great. We're not the same at 18 as we are at 80. But we need to stop looking at our life as a hill that we start rolling uncontrollably down after 35. (And if it were, who determines the pinnacle? Is it our sexual prime? Is it the point at which most other people would consider us hot? Or is it utterly in our own heads?).

I hope we can all get to a point where we recognize that beauty isn't something just for the young. Look at our cover star Helen Mirren, who's emboldied sexiness for nearly four decades in Hollywood without desperately trying to deny her age. I came across this quote from actress Samantha Bond that nails why we need more role models like Mirren: "Helen doesn't appear to be frightened of aging and taking her sexuality with her. And it kind of gives her female audience the right to say, 'Well, I can do that.'" And we can do that too. 

Major props to those who have already taken steps, and to the rest of the beaury industry, we're calling on you now: WE know it's not easy to change packaging and marketing overnight. But together we can start to change the conversation and celebrate the beauty in all ages. 

THANK YOU from team SKIN UP to Allure for bringing this into the discussion.

We are thrilled to help you achieve your skincare goals, and look forward to hearing your stories!