When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

Hyaluronic Acid & Our Inner Princess - It's Gotta Be True...Right?


We as American consumers get hit with so much information about products - and the radical transformations they promise. If it's a special oil, picked at the very second of peak morning light, drop by drop, from the most beautiful rainforest in the world, it's got to be magic right? It's only $600, but you only need 2 drops every full and half moon for the best results. Our inner Princess wants to believe it's true - we can actually find the fountain of youth...but more than likely it's not. The GOOD news is that one ingredient actually does do the job of truly revitalizing our skin - and that's Hyaluronic Acid. This amazing molecule is a natural substance found in your own skin, and it has a stunning capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture. The key in working with and optimizing Hyaluronic Acid, however, is that you have to use it for it to work. By that, I mean use it purposefully - it builds over time and the cummulative effects are pretty amazing while replenishing your skin to enhance a healthy look, feel and glow. 

As we age - our skin loses the ability to preserve moisture - which results ultimately in wrinkles. We see a visible loss of firmness, pliability and the supple, plump skin we had in earlier years. Hyaluronic Acid, each time you apply it, swoops in and replenishes moisture while it revitalizes the skin's outer layer. This means as you continue to use Hyaluronic Acid you are loading it up with a moisture magnet, so you see an instant glow with softer, smoother, supple firmness in your skin over time. 

The funny thing about Hyaluronic Acid though, our bodies only make so much and the skin can only receive so much with each application. If you see a Hyaluronic Acid that has large amounts of that active ingredient - your body doesn't effectively process it and it likely means you spent too much on your face cream! So when you are looking for a product with this little gem in it - know that a little goes a long way, especially if you are able to re-up an application multiple times throughout the day. SKIN UP gives you that chance while making your skin and makeup look amazing while it does its work. 

As always - don't forget to email me your photos and stories at angie@skinupusa.com about how you are using SKIN UP, and where it's taken you. We're on this journey to beautiful skin together - and I always love to see your fantastic results!