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MAKE UP & SKIN UP: Tips & Tricks from the PROS

SKIN UP & Makeup Artistry for GLOWING, radiantly hydrated skin: The Product Blog

Makeup artists have an extraordinarily difficult job, believe it or not. For many of us (me included) our dream was to find a way to make things beautiful - but these professionals take this job to a whole new level. They are with us for every major event from High School dances to wedding days to that special holiday party...and in the US & abroad they are the heart creating the look of faces we see on the big screen.  At SKIN UP, we have the honor of being a part of their skincare creating beauty for those gracing covers of Vogue, beauty shoots and celebrities in film and television. Every time a true professional takes on a new product to their artistic creation like SKIN UP - it has to work - nothing less than perfection is the goal. 

So how can you get that wonderful, healthy radiance we see in celebrities while keeping our skin looking like SKIN? Here are some tips from the pros on how they incorporate SKIN UP into their art for the ultimate photo-ready skin.

Beginning to End SKIN UP & Makeup - Pro Notes & Products

Pro Notes by Keleigh Lippert Palladino: First, skin prep is paramount. Without hydrated, supple skin, no amount of makeup can cover up dehydration. SKIN UP gives me the ability to boost my talent's skin in just a pull of a trigger. With its light mist delivering the best ingredients from the beginning of skin prep to the final setting spray, it's truly a miracle of hydration. The best part is I can carry it with me in my set bag, and rehydrate all day long over makeup, making my environmental element no challenge.

Makeup application in action: I had the opportunity to work with an amazing artist, Jasmine Dashitzad (www.jasminemakeup.com), using SKIN UP on her models. Her key to clean radiance is the readiness of skin to receive makeup as the key to a beautiful look. She started with a clean face, then used SKIN UP as a moisturizing toner. She allowed the misted layer of skincare to set for about 20 seconds, then applied a very soft moisturizer, like Silk Milk by Andrelle's (www.andrellesbykcj.com) and sealed it again with another mist from SKIN UP. She let this set (which is the opposite of how I've ALWAYS done my makeup!) and began to work on the eyes. This allowed the skin to balance hydration to take affect in a homogenous layer before she lightly stippled foundation with a foundation brush. (Note: I shunned the foundation brush for years - but trust me - it works! Especially one by Smith Cosmetics - their #115 brush is a favorite of makeup artists nationwide: www.smithcosmetics.com).Then using cream foundation you can even out skintone without looking like you have a paste of makeup. She went back in to touch any trouble areas or dark spots with concealer or another lightly stippled pass of foundation, doing the same for under eyes. Applying lightly is the key, also with a light finishing powder, and a creme blush. Always use SKIN UP as a setting spray and keep refreshing with a 5-10 second mist every few hours as needed to extend the life and appearance of your radiant makeup - with a nurishing boost of hydration.

Product tip FOUNDATION: We love Jane Iredale's Glow TimeMineral BB Cream SPF 25 (www.janeiredale.com) - it offers skincare and sunscreen - and very little is needed as it can be dense when applied with fingertips. If you do use that with fingers, you may also need to get their SMOOTH AFFAIR primer to cut the density of the cream. 

Pro Notes by Krystal Dukes: Less is more. No shimmer as it sits in creases and brings focus to fine lines. Mascara only on the top lashes as it opens the eyes, making them appear larger. Always fill in the eyebrows - a fuller eyebrow creates a younger look.

Product tip BROWS: The form-a-brow kit from Senna by Eugenea Weston is AMAZING. You can fill in your brow with the appropriate stencil and have beautiful, full, mistake proof eyebrows: www.sennacosmetics.com

Pro Notes by Tasha Reiko Brown: Cream textures! This adds back moisture and sheen that maturing skin sometimes loses. This will add a lovely layer of sheen and luminosity!

Product tip CREAM CHEEKS: We love custom cream blushes. One of my favorites is always Orgasm by NARS in the cream stick (www.nars.com) and if you're able to make it to Southern California, a trip to Lori Hart's makeup and skincare studio is a must. She will create your perfect shade while you watch - and you'll fall in love with your creamy glow! www.lorihart.com

As we begin our US product launch officially in early 2018, we wanted to send a special thank you to the make up artists both here and overseas for supporting SKIN UP and integrating it into their makeup artistry. We truly enjoy working with every one of you - and look forward to the opportunity of participating in your projects!

You can always feel free to reach out to me with any questions at angie@skinupusa.com. I love hearing your stories and helping you discover your most radiantly beautiful skin - no matter your age.