When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?


One thing I notice consistently across the board: we all want to feel confident when we walk out the door. The testimonials coming in to us at SKIN UP headquarters continually make me beyond happy, because this little mist is allowing people to really fall in love with and be PROUD of the skin they're in, just by taking few seconds a few times a day to do something just for themselves. The #nomakeupmakeup movement is an amazing one - but one I have fully yet to embrace. To be honest, I don't think I've left the house without a little bit of makeup on since I was 15, nor would I feel confident - or even remotely "like myself" if I did. I can't imagine getting all dressed up and NOT wearing at least a little makeup, and for those of you who roll out of bed gorgeous in the morning - I am jealous. I know that every magazine I've read in the last few months has played up this fact: be you, be beautiful, embrace your flaws. Well, I try - but I do embrace the fact that I love my makeup! So, for someone like me to say I no longer need to wear foundation to even out my skintone is a BIG deal. When I got the chance to try our sunless tanning skincare the Ultimate Bronzer during development in Italy, I was beyond amazed - this crazy idea might actually be a reality for me - 25+ years after I last debuted my bare face! When I learned that they intended it also to be used to even out the look of skin issues like hyper- and hypo-pigmentation and even vitiligo, I had to try it that very second. And I can't tell you how grateful I am to share a product that can do that for anyone, from sun worshipers poolside who have sunscreen ONLY on their faces to even out color to those who just want a simple, clean, lasting glow without the help of any makeup. The fact that you have no (not even a bit) of the "sunless tanning" smell on your skin, especially on your face, blew me away. It's one of those things you have to try to believe - and once you do you'll understand it. The fact that it's offers all of the hydrating and skin plumping benefits of our Phil Pharma ACTIVE lotions was just icing on the cake. We fought hard to get SKIN UP Ultimate Bronzer in the U.S. so we could share it with you - and I look forward to hearing your stories.

*A tip with this new amazing product: the Light bronzer really is just that - a light, glowing sunless tan that leaves a radiant flush of sunkissed skin, even on fair skin. Of course you can layer the applications as needed for an even coat of color, but it won't necessarily make your skin shades darker. You can mix in the dark product to custom blend or go dark if you are looking for a face to match the rest of your summer-colored skin. And don't forget to use it to blend strapmarks (and to wear sunscreen)! So as summer comes to a close, you can continue that glow throughout the year with misted hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides to achieve your best #nomakeupmakeup look. As these editorials point out: it may take a little effort to look effortless...so if you still are a makeup junky like me, use it to achieve your best base, and enjoy that radiant glow anytime, anywhere - and YES: over your makeup! The tan itself lasts about 4 days, so if you can try to do it on a clean face it's always the best way to acheive that completely airbrushed base, then re-up as needed. Happy Summer!