When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

What ages skin? PHOTOAGING!

A bit about Photoaging and a little Fall Renewal TLC

It's officially Fall. Warm jackets, burning fireplaces, crisp air, cozy boots and warming up with a Chai Tea Latte while enjoying the calm before Holiday rush begins. Does that mean we don't need to worry about sun damange in the next few months? Absolutely not, and it seems that we may be doing more damage to our skin without the right tools -  oh, and its cumulative! So, as you travel along with the science behind SKIN UP, you'll find there are a bunch of terms that may or may not be foreign to you and my goal is to simplify them. One of the most interesting pieces of this puzzle was "Photoaging". There are many complicated definitions, but hopefully here you'll gain a better understanding in moving forward to try to repair some of that damage we sun worshippers experience - even if we're not the avid sun lovers now that we were in summer months. 

Meriam-Webster Dictionary says: Photoaging is "the cumulative detrimental effects (such as wrinkles or dark spots) on skin that result from long-term exposure to sunlight and especially ultraviolet light."

So when it comes to Photoaging, there were a few things that surprised me. One was the word "cumulative." Yes - I know it's true, but denial is a powerful thing. It's one of those things that catches up with you from your past - no matter how diligent you are with your skin now. And of course, my grandma was right in reminding me constantly (to my deaf ears) that sun damage was going to prematurely age me. The Skin Cancer Foundation (found at www.skincancer.org), explained why this "sun damage" is different depending on the way you receive the sun (or lights). "The UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) that affects the skin is composed of two different types of waves, UVA and UVB. When UVR hits the skin, cells in the dermis scramble to produce melanin to the epidermis. This is the process that gives you a tan, which is really just your skin attempting to block the radiation from penetrating your skin.

UVB rays are shorter than UVA rays, and are the main culprit behind sunburn.  But it is the UVA rays, with their longer wavelength, that are responsible for much of the damage we associate with photoaging." So this isn't necessarily about all the times we baked in the sun, burned to a crisp (with absolutely no sunscreen on in my case because I fight for every bit of tan I can get. Yes, unhealthy. I know. I've gotten better!) - but taking into account the things we need to do now to get some of that damage under control. 

With SKIN UP, we give you ingredients in your arsenal to fight the signs of photoaging. It comes in supplying the outer layer of your skin with the amazing antioxidants Lipoic Acid and CoQ10, all while locking in that hydration with Hyaluronic Acid to create an opportunity for your skin to receive the benefits of these proven photoaging fighters. And you do this simply - in about 10 seconds, multiple times a day, even over makeup. You'll find these ingredients in every PHIL PHARMA lotion for SKIN UP for radiantly misted skincare. *Note and Insider tip: SKIN UP does not contain sunscreen and should always be applied under sunscreen on first application. You can always continue to reapply over sunscreen as well. 

So - love the sun - enjoy the beautiful Fall air. There is such a time of renewal surrounding us this time of the year: trees shedding their leaves, the joy that comes with the anticipation of the Holiday Season and sharing time with friends and family. Take a moment of renewal for yourself - and give your face some photoaging, free radical fighting love with SKIN UP. As always, please email me with any questions at angie@skinupusa.com - I love to hear your progress and where SKIN UP has taken you!