When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

SKINcare for makeUP!

It's great skincare, but does it work with makeup?

While some of you have your SKIN UP and have already become one of our favorite misted skincare addicts, many of you are watching the brand grow, asking what in the world is this product? Does it work? What you may not know: we haven't even begun our national marketing campaign and official product launch, so you have been a SKIN UP insider before anyone else in the US!
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How can we know?

There really aren't clinical tests that made any sense to perform - we all use different makeup (you can't compare Limelight by Alcone's fabulous Botanical Foundation to Maybelline!) - in different ways. Still, we wanted to put it to a real test with skincare professionals and makeup artists to see if results we were seeing and hearing about outside of our clinical tests were true. So how do we achieve this and get it in the hands of some of the world's most talented artists? CLASS by Erica Carr, that's how! For you beauty junkies, makeup artist up-and-commers, bloggers and vloggers, CLASS is a must-follow  (or attend if you can get a seat!) week to grow your knowledge with the best in the world of makeup. And boy did we get it! Social media, emails, texts, videos, phone calls - you name it, they sent it! And we couldn't be more grateful to have these passionate beauty innovators in our corner. 

Here are just a few reviews:

"We don't want to go a day without SKIN UP! I used it on a wedding in one of the most humid days of the year in Missouri - I couldn't believe how it helped the makeup hold up, even in crazy elements. Amazing!" - Erica Carr, Global Makeup Artist & Educator (www.ericacarr.com - www.imgoingtoclass)
“I have NEVER seen anything perform this way. EVER! I seriously cannot get over SKIN UP! It really is unbelievable.The results were incredible for each person I used it on - I am blown away!” -Desiree Falcon, Hollywood Makeup Artist
“It’s a game changer!!” - Chris Milone, NYC based Makeup Artist (www.chrismilonemakeup.com)
"I'm loving this genius portable unit by SKIN UP! It delivers the finest hyaluronic facial mist in a water-based skin cocktail of peptides, aloe, antioxidants lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10. Used as a primer, aftershave, setting spray or overall refresher throughout the day, they even have a bronzing tanner spray which I am beyond excited to use. Thank you, SKIN UP - my 2018 bride clients are in for a real treat!" CARRIE ALDOUS, Napa, CA, Luxury Beauty & Bridal Makeup Artist www.carriealdous.com
"Yaaasssss @skinup_usa!!! 💥💥💥 Thanks to @imgoingtoclass @desireefalconmakeup I was able to connect with #SkinUpUSA & had to buy it. Such a wonderful way to get #beautifulskin with #hyaluronicacid + #antioxidants. I'm in #love! I plan on using this #onset on my clients to refresh & set #makeup & to create that #glowyskin I live for. ❤ - Satya Linak, Hollywood Makeup Artist (http://www.satyalinak.com/)
What product was the single most exciting and effective beauty product or device that I discovered in 2017? Hands down it is Skin Up. Skin up is an amazing serum that can be luxuriously misted, through a little portable hand-held device. The product is packed with hyaluronic acid, active botanicals, nutrients and antioxidants to hydrate and keep skin moisturized even under the most demanding circumstances. Not only is this gem cool, it works well! - Stephanie Klasse, Makeup Artist and Beauty Editor, Denver 

A little about Class

Those of you in the professional makeup world probably know what this event is and its importance for both entertainment (film, tv, theater, fashion around the world) and beauty/bridal makeup industries. For me, I had no idea of the wonderfully transformative event it is for the makeup industry as a whole. The chance to meet and share time with the likes of Val Garland, Kabuki, Stephen Dimmik, Eugenia Weston of Senna Cosmetics, Roshar, Nicky Posley, Gregory Arlt and Jon Lieckfelt to name a few. Across the board, their feedback using SKIN UP hands-on in an application for a client, and for their personal use has been absolutely amazing.
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And to Erica and team, we are so grateful for the opportunity, we will be honored to continue sponsoring you every chance we get! (For more information on all of these amazing CLASS opportunities world-wide visit imgoingtoclass.com and www.ericacarrclasses.com). 

Beautiful skin is the canvas for radiant makeup

As always - I love hearing from you - message me at angie@skinupusa.com or on Instagram @skinup_usa. For those of you that have it: I have loved each and every review, question or comment I get - especially when it comes with a sneak peak with SKIN UP and other goodies you have in your fabulous makeup kits! And if you're wondering - give SKIN UP a try and learn what the buzz is about. It's not simply water or essential oils - it's truly active ingredient skincare for your makeup: the magic is in the mist!