When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

How does she get that glow? Renée Zellweger takes her skincare secret to InStyle!

As Laura Brown, Editor-in-Chief of InStyle Magazine, writes as she meets with Renée...she is spraying me liberally with Skin Up beauty mist, a hyaluronic-acid concoction that, for a glorious moment, makes you feel newly born. "Here it comes!" she says, hooting. "Ready?"
Well...Laura wasn't the only one who had to get ready! We've had quite a holiday season kick off here at SKIN UP, and grateful doesn't begin to cover the way we feel about this Oscar-winning cover model.
And we're over-the-moon happy she's back on the big and small screens. 
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Those of you following our story know that we are a growing, independent, family owned brand. From Italy to California we're happily spreading our innovative skincare combination as far and wide as it can go. Throughout the challenges, and there were many, we've gotten some crazy stories. My favorite to date is of the lovely and extraordinarily talented Renée discovering our brand, and I'd like to share it with you.
In late spring of 2019, an extraordinary makeup artist named Dana Hamel reached out to us because she heard about this amazing mist that was sweeping the movie studios in Hollywood and New York. She was working on a show with Renée called "What If" for Netflix, just after completing a film on the life of Judy Garland. I was so excited because not only is she my favorite actress - she was one that we hadn't seen and had been missing for some time. Short part of this story? Both Dana and Renee instantly became part of the amazing obsession that happens when you begin using SKIN UP, and Renee became one of our absolute favorite clients. From the Ellen Show to the Hollywood Film Awards, everywhere this gorgeous and talented woman went we received calls to learn about SKIN UP, with the goal of capturing her coveted glow.
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When InStyle called and told us she'd shared it with them as one of her FAVORITE things, and that we were going to be featured in their December issue...well...we were blown away. Since that magazine hit newsstands last week it's been such an extraordinary blessing. Orders are coming in from everywhere - and we're so grateful to become part of your beauty routine as you discover your SKIN UP glow. And we're so very grateful to those of you that have ridden this wave with us as we grow and develop as a brand.
And to our fan and champion, Renée...our cup runneth over. We are so excited to cheer her as she takes a clean sweep of awards for Best Actress for "Judy"!
If you have any questions about SKIN UP, always feel free to reach out to me at angie@skinupusa.com.