When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

Rediscover Your "Skin Power" with SKIN UP

I still remember the day...I looked in the mirror and suddenly saw someone else. Someone older. I kept wondering about that visible change and if it was indeed something that did happen overnight. And if it did happen as quickly as I thought it did - am I able to do something about it (without becoming a slave to the plastic surgeon!)? In truth, according to one study by the beauty brand SK-II of 100 Japanese women aged between 22 and 55, they discovered that while 'skin power' - the ability to protect itself from UV exposure and pollution, and to renew and regenerate itself - steadily declined, it went into freefall at 35. (Yikes. So I wasn't just seeing things!).

So what in the world made this happen? According to Laura J. Goodman, senior scientist at P&G Beauty, "It comes when the skin's ability to maintain elasticity and good levels of collagen and hydration is outweighed by UV damage, exposure to free radicals and stress."

Well, as we get older, we do have a lot more stress on our plates in general. Family, work, responsibilities, our health, balancing our lives...some things that may well be out of our control. But when it comes to your skin, you can tip the scale back in your favor with a product that really works to recover that supple, youthful glow: SKIN UP. These studies and scientific feedback, though a bit shocking, made a lot of sense as to why SKIN UP and Phil Pharma Lotions are able to make such a drastic improvement in skin appearance in a relatively short time.

SKIN UP first addresses the loss of hydration with Hyaluronic Acid. This moisture magnet holds 1000x it's weight in water - drawing moisture in and keeping it there. SKIN UP's customized delivery system optimizes our lotion's Nano-Hyaluronic Acid molecules, and you are able to support the micro-layers on the top layer of the skin with effective, binding hydration. Second, the key ingredients Lipoic Acid and CoEzyme Q10 are proven to increase the energy production of your skin cells while fighting free radicals and the damage they cause - including UV damage and air pollution. 

This increased energy production encourages your skin to act as it did in youth, speeding up your skin's metabolism resulting in increased cell turnover - leading to the recovery of your "Skin Power." Our lotions, applied multiple times a day misted through the SKIN UP device, allows purposeful moisture to aid in collegen support for increased volume, firmness and elasticity - simply by delivering optimal hydration and antioxidants on the top layer of your skin. SKIN UP not only gives your skin the chance to renew and regenerate itself in an entirely new way, it enhances and refreshes your makeup for a radiant glow with each misted application.

So while life moves on, whether we like it or not  - SKIN UP with our Hyaluronic Acid lotions give you the chance to rediscover your best skin!