SKIN UP: "Prejuvination" for beautifully timeless skin

In the battle against the signs of aging, it's the Millenials who have it right: start early - and take care of your skin. They realize that great makeup can't happen without a beautiful canvas, and they're teaching us a thing or two about how to start and keep our best appearance.

Online skincare retailer recently conducted a survey asking 2,000 American women about the fight against aging. The results showed that the age most women begin thinking about anti-aging has gotten much younger, and they are doing something about it. It even has a name: prejuvenation. Being skin savvy, these women are starting to use products focused on long term, pro-aging skincare like SKIN UP to fight the signs of aging as early as 26. This survey shows that it's twenty plus years earlier than their mothers and grandmothers,  who began focusing on "anti-aging" products around age 47 - long after the affects of free radicals, sun damage and other environmental elements began to show on their skin. 

Quench your skin with age defying ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid & Lipoic Acid & CoEnzyme Q10

Although we can't hit rewind and have the skin we had in our twenties, we can definitely take a cue from the Millenials and introduce a new habit to fight the signs of aging with SKIN UP's Phil Pharma Active Lotions. Our lotions are infused with ingredients to attract and hold moisture and free radical fighting antioxidants with each luxurious mist. And no matter what you do, beginning a healthy routine and focusing on what your skincare ingredients actively do for you is the way to begin your journey for your best skin possible - no matter your age. 

In our busy lives, it's important to have a skincare regime that works for you - fitting in YOUR schedule, and it doesn't just have to be in the morning or at night. Make sure you take some time out  - even if it's a 10 second mist of our lotions a few times a day - to revive that supple radiant glow for increased firmness and elasticity.  This gives you not only a pattern interrupt to your day where you can do something just for yourself, but a burst of free radical defense your skin needs to fight the signs of aging. Our independent testing and user testimonials show that with the buildability of our lotions and this new skincare habit, your skin only gets better over time.  

So take a lesson from those ingenious Millenials: own your skin for the journey of your life and begin skincare habits that will keep you timeless. 

The magic is in the mist.