When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

SKIN UP's Quickie Makeup Artist Tips For Radiant, Glowing Skin: Back to School Makeup Tricks (for all ages)!

We would do almost anything for that healthy, lit-from-within, I-am-just-this-amazing glow. But don’t worry, you don’t have to chug numerous glasses of vegetable juice or buy $600 worth of beauty treatments - you've got SKIN UP with Phil Pharma Lotions and some quick tricks to get that dreamy radiance. 

Here are a few secrets from some of Hollywood's top makeup artists using SKIN UP on their clients AND themselves to give you the lowdown!


1. It's All About that Base (and Hyaluronic Acid)

Creating a great base is the start of any canvas. With that clean face, apply SKIN UP's Phil Pharma Lotions under all other skincare as a base primer to lock in moisture and maintain hydration without feeling wet or oily. Follow with a brightening primer followed by a lightweight foundation. Or skip a step and opt for an illuminating tinted moisturizer (like the primer, it contains tiny flecks of light-reflecting particles to give you a glow). Stay away from matte foundation, which can't give you the dewy results you're after. Mist another application of our lotions, and you're ready to go

2. A Quickie Micro-Facial

Give yourself a quick facial by using a microfiber towel or cloth to gently massage your cleanser in circular strokes into each section of your face. This will help refresh and brighten your face instantly, and give you an at home exfoliating treatment. Follow with an even layer mist of SKIN UP and you're ready to go. Using SKIN UP's Ultimate Bronzer immediately after this quickie facial will also give you a great canvas for that effortless sun-kissed glow. All of our Phil Pharma Lotions have antioxidants in them as well - so it will continue that gentle exfoliation with each application all day long, even over your makeup!

3. Powder & Setting Spray

Do you feel like powder comes in the way of a pretty glow? Powder can also crease into your skin - which will instantly age your look. Or look like you put your foundation on with a putty knife, or possibly break up over the course of the day. Instead, use our Phil Pharma Lotions as a purposeful setting spray to blur your foundation and powder as a flawless base while you enjoy those antì-aging benefits. Mist your face with our lotions as a trick to bring a dewy glow to your look every time you need a quick refresher, and build it up all day over repeated applications to maintain the supple radiance that will accompany that glow. This way the powder will help set your look and the hyaluronic acid in our lotions give you a fresh radiance and the moisture boost needed for truly luminous skin. 

4. Purposeful Highlighting (*in all the right places)

Ladies, by now you should know that a highlighter is what you need to really elevate your makeup routine for luminous skin, second only to beautifully hydrated skin. But - the last thing you want is to overdo it, because you'll end up looking oily or even worse, the light strobe with glitter. So be sure you've got an even layer of our lotions misted to up your moisture game, and give you that base for the highlighter. One trick is to apply the highlighter BEFORE you apply your blush to be sure you're evened out. Doing this will minimize the shine while still giving you an illuminated appearance. If you have a liquid highligher, mix a drop or two of it with your foundation and apply with a damp sponge for a gorgeous radiance that looks like it comes from within. Use our Ultimate Bronzer for this as well - you get a base of color which lasts for up to 5 days, along with the healthy glow we're all searching for, plus the ultimate hydration benefits of hyaluronic acid.

5. Be Blushingly Beautiful

A great blush helps bring a warm, rosy glow to your face. One quick trick is to blend a creamy but matte lipstick (one with a hint of shimmer) for a pretty flush with a hint of glow that stays in place all day. If you're aiming for a healthy, all over glow, be sure not to overdo it with the blush. Really take a look at your skin and see where your natural blush is (without help of cosmetics) and go lightly, building up to your desired rosy cheeks.

6. Sun-kissed Radiance to Go

This is for all of us who need a little help, either adding that glow, or we're too busy running out the door to think of all these steps. Take a few moments at night before you go to bed for yourself. Make that quickie facial a priority spot on your list, and follow it with the Phil Pharma's Ultimate Bronzer. In less than a minute you'll not only give yourself a fantastic sun-kissed look, it means you'll have that base for days on end and not have to worry as much about makeup. This quick step will simplify your life and get you that radiant glow only found with the Hylauronic Acid, Peptides, Aloe, and the potent antioxidants Lipoic Acid & CoEnzyme Q10. Wake up looking like you just got back your ultimate summer vacation, whether you took one or not!

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