When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

Welcome to the magic: it's in the mist!

It's our first blog - and I'm so glad to share it with you! And speaking of that...I hope you know this whole blog will be about YOU.

  • How do you take the best care of your skin?
  • How do you ultimately want to take the best care of yourself?

This little product called Skin Up which we're bringing to the US is just one thing (with a lot of science behind it) - but for me it's become a reminder. A benchmark. A second spray of joy to remind me to take a minute to take for myself - as my best friend calls it: a needed pattern interrupt.

As a Mom and a businesswoman, I know I forget myself in the pieces that make up the day - and I know I'm not alone with that one. Skin Up is just one amazing thing you can do just for you - and for your skin. It's ultimate hydration, reimagined. Your trusted multitasker.

Please stay tuned for upcoming products, upcoming events where you try this it for yourself, and a bit of education on ultimate, innovative skincare along the way. I look forward to seeing where Skin Up takes you - whether it's on the red carpet or to the beach!