When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

The Ultimate Beauty Tips for a Hollywood Spring Glow!

Welcome Spring! 

It's the season of new beginnings and upcoming events - getting outside after all those months of early evenings and crazy weather. That means it's time to get your glow on (even if the Groundhog was wrong about the never ending winter). As you know - it's time to give your skin an upgrade in attention too - and work on that glow for all that Spring & Summer have to bring. So while you shake out those curtains with spring cleaning, here are the ultimate (EASY) beauty tips to get you Red Carpet Ready - no matter where your red carpet may be!
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1. Make Your Pearly Whites Sparkle

First and foremost, you want to take care of your teeth (there’s nothing worse than brushing your teeth when you already have your lipstick on). This is probably the most important step, because you want to be able to flash your winning Hollywood smile in event photos and the never ending joy of the "I'm outside-and-I-feel-fabulous!" selfie. One sure-fire way to get pearly whites is by using a good whitening toothpaste or gel which you can purchase from your dentist. 

2. Up Your Selfie (I mean SKINCARE) Game!

Beautiful skin is the base for radiant makeup - and it certainly shows in photos! It’s important to maintain healthy skin, and to do this you need a great skincare routine. Make sure you are cleansing morning and night and using SKIN UP with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and antioxidants (Lipoic Acid and CoQ10 found in our lotions are proven 400x more beneficial than Vitamin C in antioxidant value) to combat free radical damage. SKIN UP can be used in addition to any skincare routine - be sure your first application is applied on a clean face as a moisturizing toner - then reapplied in short bursts througout the day to maximize the lotion's buidability effect. We recommend adding SKIN UP to your routine 5x per day, 10 seconds per application - using it to set and refresh througout the day. At night, use it under your night cream for a boost to your nightly repair regimen. 

3. Plan Out Event Skin 

For all of you brides, bridal party members and those of us who just want to have our red carpet every day, skincare and makeup guru Alexandra Angelone says it best when it comes to getting event ready.  “Taking care of your skin is so important leading up to your big day! Start visiting your esthetician at least 3-4 months before your wedding to get on a good homecare routine and get a few good facials in before the big day! You can get a facial (if you tolerate it well) all the way up to the day before your wedding but you will want to do all facial waxing at least 48 hours in advance. If you have problematic skin, I recommend bumping that timeframe out to about 6 months before your wedding!”
Why use SKIN UP in your pre-event routine? “SKIN UP is an amazing tool to help prep your skin before your wedding! Keep it in your bag and spritz a few times a day (or a few dozen times if you prefer!) to hydrate and freshen up makeup. This will help keep skin soft, supple, radiant and minimize those pesky fine lines. On the day of your wedding, keep SKIN UP in your clutch for a hands free refresh of your makeup!” says Alexandra. You can find out more about her amazing artistry at http://www.alexandraangelone.com/
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4. Haircare: Simplify Your Routine and Still Get Gorgeous Tresses

With hair trends this spring - it's all about color and shine. And convenience. SKIN UP is on trend in this case for sure - with skincare-on-the-go. And hair products are leaning the same way. We scoured the web and found the best notes from Southern Living Magazine and Sephora PRO Chris Sams who says, "One of the biggest trends in hair this year is going to be ease and convenience with more people looking for products that help them touch up on the go." Our heads are spinning with the recent introduction of anti-frizz wipesoil blotting sheets for your scalp, and foam dry shampoos. (It’s a wet dry shampoo?) People are finally deciding it’s time to create products that make our lives easier and our hair look better in a pinch! "Add a couple of these individually wrapped sheets to your bag and instantly refresh your 'do after a long day," Sams recommends. 
If you can, always wash your hair a day before, as this makes it more manageable and less slippery to style. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment, and do a cold water rinse to maintain your natural shine. Also use a high shine spray on the days you want to look your most fabulous – we all want hair that looks as healthy and shiny as the celebs.
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So welcome Spring - and all the beautiful moments yet to come! Please continue to share your journey with us at SKIN UP - I always love hearing from you! You can find me here at angie@skinupusa.com or on Instagram @skinup_usa.