When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

Your ultimate warrior in the battle against aging: NANO-HYALURONIC ACID


Your Secret Weapon is the Mist!

School is back in session, so we wanted to give you a little class to share the science behind our patent-pending process and the reason behind the amazing results.

Our secret weapon? Misted Nano-Hyaluronic Acid. 

There are so many factors that affect the health of our skin. We all know for a fact that elements like sun exposure, smoking and stress can do damage to the biggest organ in our body. We buy creams, lotions, makeup - anything within grasp to get our skin to look and feel as it did when we were younger. But no matter how we fight it, our skin ages. And the older we get, the quicker it happens. So to fight this, SKIN UP is able to bring an entirely new way to slow down that clock - and give you a real weapon in fighting the signs of aging with Nano-Hyaluronic Acid. 

Obviously, if you are following our product, you know that Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is amongst the most important elements in our lotions. You can find many products on the market containing HA - and many of them at an enormous cost. Anyone selling you a product with a high level of this miracle element is selling you something that isn't necessary in cost, value OR results. Your body can only effectively process and extraordinarily small amount - the rest is just wasted. This is why our process is repeated (reapplied) in small doses throughout the day for optimal, buildable results. And HA, in an organic large molecule form, is derived from the crest of a rooster - but not ours. For two reasons: 

  1. We do not want to add animal products or bi-products to our lotions
  2. We can create a much more effective use with a misted, small molecule delivered multiple times daily to fight aging: the small molecule Nano-Hyaluronic Acid. 

With SKIN UP, we are able to optimize this mircle mini-molecule for the targeted upper layers of the skin, which is not only our first defense against the elements, but the one most able to optimize the benefits of HA in a topical form.  

Hyaluronic Acid to fight the signs of aging: 

Hyaluronic Acid is said to be an ultimate solution for moisture retention of the skin. Youthful skin is hydrated because it contains large amounts of HA in the dermis. However, as we age, the amount of HA in the skin decreases and by the time we become adults, this amount decreases to five percent of baseline which ultimately means: WRINKLES!

Size does matter, according to science.

The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology published a powerful study based on WHY the Nano-Hyaluronic Acid works - and really shows why we are able to achieve the amazing results we are witnessing in our independent consumer testing. The scientific testing conclusion of their clinical study: The new Nano-Hyaluronic Acid clearly demonstrated a significant benefit in decreasing the depth of wrinkles (up to 40%), and skin hydration (up to 96%) and skin firmness and elasticity were significantly enhanced (up to 55%) at the end of eight weeks. 

Because of our revolutionary patent-pending process, these finely misted Nano-HA molecules are able to operate effectively in that top layer of your skin. This ensures that the other powerful active ingredients in our lotions are able to optimize the overall appearance of your skin, ultimately getting incredible results

So fight your best fight against aging with a product containing ingredients scientifically shown to work, and begin the journey to your best skin with SKIN UP and Phil Pharma Active Lotions. We always look forward to hearing from you - and seeing your results!