When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

Your best skin, just a mist away!

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A question you all may be wondering about this new science: I take good care of my skin at night and in the morning. Do I need it, is it really going to change my skin? So I begin by posing this question to pretty much anyone I meet: Do you or anyone you know take your makeup off at 3 p.m., just to properly moisturize on a daily basis? If you do, you are way better at managing your skin than I am. But there's a more important question within that. Did you know that your body can only produce and receive so much of the lotions and active ingredients you put on your skin? The same applies to your skin: your best skin is achieved when it is balanced and hydrated with a moisture magnet like Hyaluronic Acid, along with potent antioxidant anti-pollution elements in bursts of lotion all day long. It's not just the AM/PM regime that will get your best skin: it's equivalent to drinking 8 oz of water per time when you're thirsty, or drinking the whole 64 oz. at once. It just isn't effective. Your skin should receive and process the appropriate amount so it can process it to achieve the best results! Now you can do this with a simple mist of Skin Up, sitting in traffic, running to a meeting, or just to refresh your thirsty skin at your desk. It hasn't been possible to give skin that extra boost it needs throughout the day, until now.  Time and time again, I am stunned by the results achieved by notes from our clients of visible plumpness and supple skin, and the overall improvement of  texture and appearance spraying a simple mist will have in achieving in their skincare goals. I find it almost equally important in the element of saving time, and knowing it is something you can use anytime you need to. Other notes I get from customers is that they found much less need to add or reapply makeup throughout the day means less makeup product and, again, more time. Skin Up locks in all of your skincare, be it makeup or lotions, blurring the lines of makeup and skin care. Please feel free to reach out to us with your stories and progress!