Bortolotti Ferrari, LLC Founders: Matteo and Angie Bortolotti

The journey to Skin Up and Bortolotti Ferrari, LLC began with a love story. Matteo and Angie met, by chance, while he was in LA for vacation - the day before he left to return to his hometown Ferrara, Italy. They fell in love, and three years later they married with Matteo moving to the US. During this time Matteo was working with his uncle Paolo Ferrari, the principal owner of Phil Pharma S.r.L, and the developer of a cutting-edge idea called SKIN UP with Hyaluronic Acid. They knew this exciting new technology would forever change the landscape of skincare. From the initial product launch in Italy in the spring of 2015, Matteo and Angie worked tirelessly to bring the product into the US market and founded Bortolotti Ferrari, LLC in Southern California to import exclusive Italian luxury innovations. With a background and education in Engineering, Matteo’s influence was key in developing this new horizon in skincare. Originally from North Idaho, Angie moved to Southern California with a background based in Hollywood in the film and television industry. After introducing Angie to SKIN UP, she fell in love with the product not only for her own use, but also for the ultimate affect it would have on the ability to moisturize and protect skin over make-up: on a film set or on-the-go. As a busy Mom of two girls, saving time and having a convenient, effective product that truly works as the ultimate multitasker for skincare was paramount. They are proud to establish a new frontier in the health and beauty world and look forward to bringing more innovative Italian products to the US market. With SKIN UP as their marquee product, they are excited to share Italian concepts that will allow Americans to live their best lives - and achieve ultimate beauty at any age.


 Bortolotti Ferrari, LLC, SKIN UP & Phil Pharma Srl, Italy

We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to bringing the best Italian innovations to North America. SKIN UP with Phil Pharma Active Elixirs is our first product introduced to the North American Market, and is the only patented, portable electronic device and water-based lotion combination in the world. Phil Pharma, S.r.l. is the creator of innovative Italian cosmetics and skincare, based in Ferrara, Italy. 
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