Instructions & Troubleshooting: 

Do I need to use SKIN UP 5 times per day? 

Our first answer is always - why not? But really, it's up to you. We based our clinical testing and consumer data on using it 5 times per day as we saw some pretty amazing results using this schedule. If you're like our CEO, you'll use it way more - just be sure to wait 30 minutes between applications in order not to over saturate your skin and waste product! Some of our other clients are seeing amazing results using it only twice a day. This is skincare on your schedule. It really depends on what your skin needs and what your desired results are. Keep us posted on your progress and let us know what works for you!

Does SKIN UP work for men?

Of course! Men want great skin too! Men make up roughly 28% of our current customers worldwide. It can work as an aftershave, mid-day refresher, or simply as a non-greasy, ultra-fine skincare that is quick, easy and convenient. And - it's easy to mist a quick application wherever you are, and put that ingenious little device right back in your pocket. 

Does SKIN UP work with sunscreen?

Absolutely. Just be sure to use it under the sunscreen upon first application to ensure you have that antioxidant hydration locked in. SKIN UP Hydrating Elixir and Ultimate Bronzers do not contain sunscreen, but can be use under and over it thoughout the day. 

Can I use anything else in the SKIN UP device like rose or aloe water or essential oils?

No. Our device is engineered precisely to the smallest nanometer and calibrated specifically to match the viscosity of our Elixirs. Rose or aloe water (which have limited to no active skincare benefits other than you might feel wet and falsely assume your skin is using this as "hydration") may clog the device. In reality, you are actually dehydrating your skin - as water does not attract other water in a real way to benefit your skin. We cannot guarantee any other product used will not clog the delicate spraying plate of the device, and will therefore void your warranty. With one exception: 

How can I clean out my tank if it needs it? 

We recommend putting a small amount of distilled water in it only if you do feel the need to, or if you are transitioning over to the other Elixirs, such as the Ultimate Bronzer. Because all Elixirs contain Do not use tap water as it may contain minerals that can build up and clog your device. 

Can I mix SKIN UP's Elixirs?

Yes! All of our Elixirs have the same base active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Lipoic Acid, CoEnzyme Q10 & Aloe. If you are switching between the Ultimate Bronzer and the Hydrating Elixir they will simply blend together. This is also a fun way to boost your Hydrating Elixirs with a little color and peptides to customize your Elixirs to suit your needs. 

Does SKIN UP replace my old AM/PM routine regarding lotions? Can it mix with my favorite moisturizer? 

The SKIN UP device transforms our Elixirs to this super-fine mist with purpose. It's light enough that someone who does not like the weight of traditional lotion on their skin will fall in love with it, and it helps to support other skincare superstars in your routine. Especially if you are on the "moisturize by morning, rejuvenate by evening" skincare schedule. The ingredients in our elixirs work with any routine, just be sure to use it directly after washing your face as the first skincare before using anything else to maximize benefits. Many clinicial tests are being performed currently on the very antioxidants found in our Elixirs, and showing great promise in actually boosting thepro-aging beneifts when combined with other active skincare. SKIN UP is truly the missing link in skincare to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy, hydrated skin - and you're not tied to your vanity to use it! 

Is there a product warranty?

There is a 1 year warranty on the device. Warranty is void if any non-approved substance was placed or used in the device. If you have any issue at all, please reach us at

How do I keep connected to learn more about SKIN UP?

Join our mailing list! Our Instagram handle is @skinup_usa - tag us on your adventures, and keep us posted on your progress! You can also see much of the artistic work using SKIN UP on set, or in photo shoots. The magic those artists create is amazing - and we're so grateful to be part of it! Also - take a photo measurement of your success. It's pretty fun to look back and see what a little you-time spent on self-care with SKIN UP can do for your skin. 
These are the FAQ's as of September 2018, but as the multi-purpose nature of this skincare evolves, so do the questions, so keep them coming! Our CEO always loves hearing from SKIN UP fans - so feel free to email her your progress at