LUXURIOUSLY MISTED SKINCARE WITH AMAZING RESULTS while adding overall radiance and boosting your makeup

30 DAY independent test RESULTS: 

  • 96% felt their skin was significantly renewed and fresher

  • 97% noted significantly improved hydration leaving a glow

  • 90% felt their skin was more luminous and radiant

  • 90% saw improvement in skin softness and smoothness

    Field test results of continued use: 

    • Day 1 - Month 1 - Month 7
    • 5 misted applications per day
    • 10 seconds per application

    (Individual results may vary)

    Apply 5 or more times daily, mist lotions on face and décolleté, 5-10 seconds each application. SKIN UP and our lotions are gentle enough to be used repeatedly throughout the day anytime, anywhere. You can use longer application times if an extra boost is needed for your skin, but remember with SKIN UP, less is more. 

    Immediate results: get to 191% of your base hydration within 5 minutes, receiving the ultimate boost of moisture from hyaluronic acid with potent antioxidants to gently exfoliate and combat free radicals.

    Under, over and resfresh makeup: use as a moisturizing toner under all skincare, including serums, lotions and makeup. After makeup, apply a short burst for setting spray for an instant luminosity and glow, use repeatedly as a refresher throughout the day to extend the life, radiance and wearable longevity of your makeup. For more tips visit our blog:

    Long term results with continued use: repeated applications of our misted lotions optimize your skin’s natural renewal process to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for supple, radiant, beautiful skin.