When is the last time you gave your skin a drink?

SKIN UP: The Magic Behind Our Device

Revolutionary Ultrasonic Technology: perfectly engineered

Some materials can vibrate when electricity is applied. Our Elixirs do just that as they are transformed by SKIN UP. The spraying plate within SKIN UP creates a mist through these vibrations at very high frequency ("ultrasonic"), in constant contact with our water-based Elixirs through a small opening in the tank. These Elixirs are exposed to this high frequency vibration, then shaken and forced through a plate with micro-sized holes to create the gentle cloud SKIN UP users love. As these particles are separated and misted, they fuse back together blanketing the skin and creating a homogenous, airbrushed layer of purposeful skincare. 

The SKIN UP device and Elixirs are made to work exclusively together. SKIN UP is perfectly calibrated to maximize the effectiveness and benefits of our water-based Elixirs, allowing for optimal skincare results. 

The combination of skincare science offers the unique opportunity for small, buildable layers of skincare instead of oversaturating skin with product it can't possibly process. 

Think of it in terms of water. 

If you were only allowed one gallon of water per day, would you drink it all at once? Or break it up into smaller glasses throughout the day? So...why do we do that to our skin? Skin can only receive and effectively use so much skincare. These small 10 second applications, spread throughout the day, allow for skin to use these ingredients effectively - offering antioxidant hydration during the day when skin is at its most vulnerable. 

Each misted application quenches the skin with antioxidant hydration, resetting the skin's hydration level, allowing skin to "act" younger through this cumulative hydration effect. That combined with the potent antioxidants that rev up skin's cellular metabolism - and you've discovered the game changer. 

This combination creates a never before seen skincare experience with some pretty amazing results. Under and over makeup, SKIN UP weightlessly delivers these active ingredients, resulting in increased elasticity and firmness for supple hydrated skin on demand, restoring a radiance lost as we age. 

The effectiveness: Size matters with nano-technology

The smaller the drops, the better the coverage. The better the coverage, the better the results. 

There's always empty space between particles. So how can the best possible coverage be achieved? By reducing the size of those particles. Here's a really easy example to explain this phenomenon. Let's say the surface of a table must be covered, and we are given 3 different materials: watermelons, golf balls, and sand. When we are finished placing and sorting watermelons on the table we can easily notice the surface of the table that is left uncovered. Now, if we repeat the same experiment with golf balls first, then add sand it's easy to notice that sand is the material that allows the best possible coverage. It's the size of the drops that allows that homogenous layer of skincare that make the difference for your makeup - and your skin. 

SKIN UP blankets the skin with a cloud of airbrushed skincare, creating a net of antioxidant hydration to support any skincare routine while illuminating and refreshing makeup to create what we all look for: younger looking skin. 

This extraordinary "spa in your pocket" is USB rechargeable and refillable, so you can take always your skincare to go. 

SKIN UP does all this in just 10 seconds.