• "My skin looks fully hydrated. I look younger and feel more confident to walk out the house without makeup. I walk around with it in my bag! I love it!"

• "Very smooth --- more vibrant!"

• "My skin feels blanketed in moisture and looks dewey and hydrated over makeup - my skin feels great and loves this new device!"

• "I feel I can definitely tell and see a difference. It feels more even toned."

• "I went to buy wine and was carded. I'm 42! SKIN UP is amazing!

• "My skin feels a lot smoother. I feel my pores are not as noticable. I feel my face very hydrated. I also feel my skin glowing a lot more."

• "My skin feels rejuvenated. It looks more radiant and rarely feels dry."

• "I have a more even skin tone with less sunspots. My skin feels smoother."

• "It feels more hydrated and radiant."

• "Just amazing!"

• "My skin looks younger. A few folks said I have beautiful skin."

• "I feel I can definitely tell and see a difference. It feels more even toned."

• "Very smooth and vibrant"

• "I think it makes your skin look more refreshed and healthy and gives a nice dewy glow."

• "Smoother, more hydrated & clear."

• "Clean and smooth, I use it multiple times a day and I feel refreshed throughout."

• "Supple and glowing!"

• "It is refreshing and my skin appears more firm."

• "Hydrated and luminous."

 (Results based on Consumer Testing by AMEANN BEAUTY at day 10 using SKIN UP device and lotions 5 times per day @ 10 seconds per misted application)


SKIN UP is my latest find: a beautifying anti-aging multitasker!

- Beven Sangi, Celebrity Facialist and Owner of Beven Sangi Skincare, Ocean Retreat Skin Fitness, Palos Verdes, CA



In my 23 years as a make-up artist I've never seen anything like this. The ability to moisturize and refresh skin without removing makeup is an extraordinary timesaver in my business. Not only that - it makes the makeup look amazing!

- Keleigh Lippert Pallidino, Celebrity Makeup Artist


I love that I can wear SKIN UP with or without makeup - and how amazing my skin looks and feels when I use it! The fresh and hydrated appearance of my skin is outstanding. I'd recommend this to anyone!

- Julie Helton, Owner N8V Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA


Love it. Taking it with me to People's Choice Awards and the Oscars! 

- Tasha Reiko Brown, Celebrity Makeup Artist


I absolutely love what SKIN UP is doing for my skin! I saw a difference in my makeup and the appearance of my skin. My husband is a doctor who specializes in skincare - and he can't believe the difference something so simple can make. He kept stealing mine, so I had to get him his own!

- DeeAnn Zahn, Aesthetic Specialist


I loved SKIN UP from the moment I tried it! As a beauty influencer and studio makeup artist, I am extremely digelent about testing the products I share with my followers. I love that this is such a great multi-tasker - it truly is a game changer!

- Kish, Makeup Artist @sashayrene



I love the process of SKIN UP. It truly is a revolution in moisturizing!

- Kaeyoh, Television Host, Heroes of the Storm 



With my combination skin, this product is AMAZING. I have seen an evening of my skin's tone and texture, and I don't have to re-apply my makeup nearly as often as I have prior - on set or at home. My makeup artist asked me what I was using on my skin to make it this great - I said "SKIN UP!" 

- Oye Uwidia, Actress