The Magic is in the Mist

The magic lies in the combination of the SKIN UP device and our exclusive Phil Pharma Active lotions, and are suitable for men and women of all skin types and ages.  All lotions are made in Italy, and composed of 4 main components:

HYALURONIC ACID: The Moisture Magnet

As refreshing for the skin as a drink of water, it also serves to lock in other key ingredients. Delivered as a micronized mist as many times a day as necessary for healthy and renewed skin, hyaluronic acid plumps, hydrates,  and holds in moisture while simultaneously setting  and refreshing makeup for continually glowing skin. 

LIPOIC ACID: The Universal Antioxidant

As this amazing ingredient enters your skin in powerful, micronized mist particles, Lipoic Acid is helping to fight the battle against aging through skin plumping and increased energy and metabolic function. These help lead to a youthful complection, pore and oil reduction, for a protected and well-hydrated face.

CoENZYME Q10: The Soothing Antioxidant

As this misted nutrient freshens your face, CoQ10 goes to work protecting you from environmental pollutants and free radicals that age and damage your skin. CoEnzyme Q10 also ramps up cellular metabolism, boosting the firming and moisture factors, while effortlessly keeping makeup flawless. 

ALOE: The Skin Soothing Multitasker

Never under estimate Aloe. As you feel the cool breeze of a vapor blast, the aloe is both calming and tightening to your skin. Aloe gently removes dead cells - leading to better hydration, makeup retention and setting, along with a smoother more radiant finish. 


The Creator Behind the Mist: Umberto Borellini

Our propriatary blend and patent-pending delivery system was created by in-house scientist Umberto Borellini. A well-respected Cosmetologist, Speaker, Author and Professor from Italy, he holds degrees in Pharmacy and Psychology and specializes in Cosmetic Science and Technology. As a speaker and moderator at the most important national and international congresses of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetology and applied aesthetics, he teaches cosmetology at the Medical School in Aesthetic Direction Agora in Milan and at the Fatebenefratelli Foundation of Rome. He is also Professor in Cosmetology at the Tor Vergata University of Rome and at the Master’s level in Aesthetic Medicine, University of Pavia. He has held more than fifty CME courses for pharmacists and doctors. He is part of the Scientific Board of the Associations and Dermatological Skineko Ejamed, in addition to being an honorary member of CIDESCO (International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetologla), ANTEP (National Association of Professional Makeup Artists) and ALPE (Italian Association of Aesthetic Psychology).He is the author of “Cosmetology Volumes: from Dermocosmesis You Run the Cosmeceutical”, now in its tenth edition, “La divina cosmesi: la bellezza e la moderna cosmetologia” (Divine Cosmetics: Beauty and Modern Cosmetology) and “Beauty Smart”. He has published more than two hundred articles in specialized magazines, and acts as a publishing consultant and author of articles of dermo-cosmetologla of numerous women’s magazines and industry publications. Mr. Borellini is the Scientific Director of Phil Pharma’s research and cosmetic production and technical consultant for the cosmetics industry, as well as educational director of the Professional Aesthetic School of Bsa of Lugano.