• by Phil Pharma S.r.l
    revolutionary device & lotions
  • the magic is in the mist
    even over makeup
  • a skincare drink
    anytime, anywhere
  • a sun-kissed glow
    ultimate bronzer
    hyaluronic acid + antioxidants
  • luxuriously misted skincare
    for radiantly hydrated
    supple skin

not just skincare, not just for makeup:
it's skin up
The magic is in the mist.

Meet SKIN UP, the first and only patented portable electronic device and lotion combination in the world.
SKIN UP is a convenient pocket-sized mister, small enough for your hand, pocket, purse or travel bag. Our device works exclusively with our water-based Phil Pharma ACTIVE Lotions infused with HYALURONIC ACID, ALOE and the potent antioxidants LIPOIC ACID & CoENZYME Q10. These ingredients, unsurpassed for their anti-aging benefits, are misted through SKIN UP multiple times a day allowing your skin to effectively receive our lotions, without the contamination factor of your hands or lost on your pillow. This process of buildability offers optimal benefits and remarkable results. For women and men of all ages and skin types; under, over or without makeup, you can now take your skincare with you and discover the solution for radiantly supple, firm and hydrated skin anytime, anywhere. Where will SKIN UP take you?

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Beven Sangi -Beven Sangi Skincare, Ocean Retreat Skin Fitness, Palos Verdes, CA

Skin Up is my latest find: a beautifying anti-aging multitasker!

Keleigh Lippert Pallidino - Celebrity Makeup Artist

In my 23 years as a make-up artist I've never seen anything like this. The ability to moisturize and refresh skin without removing makeup is an extraordinary timesaver in my business. Not only that - it makes the makeup look amazing!

Kaeyoh - Television Host, Heroes of the Storm

I love the process of Skin Up. It truly is a revolution in moisturizing!

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